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Squacklin' Oat Bran

Sunday, November 21, 2004

7:07PM - This is just a test of my spiffy new poster thinger.

I wrote a tiny little LJ posting client, just so I could compose my posts in vim and then upload them easily. Lots of clients already exist, but they had more features than you could shake a stick at. This one has no features. Thus it must be perfect.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

9:16PM - Howdy

I noticed I have a terrible time writing people back. I figured quite a bit of the content of those writing back thingers is a summary of how things are going, etc. I figure a LiveJournal is probably easier for people to catch up on, and maybe it's better if the reader selects which anecdotes they find interesting rather than me. Especially since I'll probably forget who I've told what.

So I'll start it off with hopefully the grossest post I'll ever make. Today we took my cat to the vet for expression. Anal gland expression. You see cats have stink juice and it needs to be expelled. This is normally accomplished during other stinky activities, but in my cat's unfortunate case, the glands became blocked and uncomfortably swollen. This caused my poor cat to scoot. A terrible thing. Anyways, the vet expressed the glands (and was both impressed and disgusted at the volume and consistency of the stink juice) and now she is much much much happier. Now if anyone asks what I did on my weekend, I can just point here instead of explaining one more time.